Key Performance Logistics
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  1. Consolidation of all purchases.
  2. Receive and verify all invoices from brokers.
  3. Prepare wool payments.
    • Calculate broker discounts.
    • Prepare payment file and transmit to client.
    • Check and balance to brokers hard copy invoices.
    • Balance to sale week.
    • GST reports.
  4. Arrange Marine Insurance cover from fall of hammer to buyers warehouse at final destination.
    • Subject to KPL and customers requirements and current marine insurance policies.
  5. All logistical operations for the movement of wool in accordance with the Requirements of customer.
    • Book vessel space.
    • Book dumping space.
    • Arrange empty container release.
    • Confirm product allocation.
    • Issue delivery orders and shipping instructions.
    • Co-ordinate road / rail transport for production and local customers.
    • Confirm shipment is authorised, payment and trade insurance in place.
    • Confirm shipment has taken place.
    • Dispatch documents as per client’s defaults.
  6. Preparation of export documentation.
    • Invoice
    • Bill of lading
    • Insurance certificate.
    • Weight/packing list.
    • Health & Origin certificate.
    • AWTA test certificates.
    • ECN’s
  7. Prepare export documents for negotiation.
    • a) Letter of credit terms.
    • b) DA and DP terms.
    • c) Open account.
    • c) Monitor payment receipt.
  8. Negotiate ocean freight rates.
  9. Negotiate Australian shore costs,
    • Dumping
    • Cartage
    • Storage
    • Courier
    • Countermarking
    • Bank charges
    • Documentation fees
  10. Checking and payment of all logistic accounts.
  11. Supply updated logistical costs.
  12. Allow access to, or information on, specific invoice or shipment.
  13. Provide stock control in accordance with clients accounting systems.
  14. Collect any cartage rebate due.
  15. Accounting Services, - GST control.

Provision for accounting services including recording and checking of all wool, ocean freight and Australian shore costs related transactions including collation of GST related information as required by customers.